The company management has ten years experience in the field of plastic injection.

BORMIN STAV company provides a high standard of service. We specialize in the production of small and medium batches of products. We are producing precise plastic parts and assemblies. We develope plastic parts and optimize them for serial production. We develope and produce both prototype and serial tools for plastic injection. We process all common materials including fillers. The main activities are technical products with the possibility of overmoulding inserts. We monitor developments in the field of plastic production moulding. We innovate production processes and technologies, purchase higher-quality injection moulding machines and use quality raw materials.

Our strategies

– to develope and improve expertise in the plastics industry

– to be innovative, creative and reliable partner with a wide portfolio of knowledge in the plastics field

– to offer the customers full-service in an efficient and reliable form

– to produce with principle „The success of the customers is hidden in the details.“

– to focus on world-class quality and service

Our values

– flexibility, innovation, teamwork, precision

our goal is to have a lot of satisfied customers



We perform injection moulding on machines Haitian Mars, Ärgurg, Engel. We process all types of thermoplastics with fillers (glass, talc), various colours, possibility to add additives (UV stabilization etc.).

We process following materials



Polyamide (PA6, PA66)PC, POM,TPU

and other materials filled with glass, talc and etc.

Technological equipment

– 4 injection molding machines (Ärburg, Engel) 25-160 t closing forces

– manual assembly

– design and manufacturing of new tools

– pad printing

– inject marking

– ultrasonic welding

– manual and automatic assembly


We provide a complex development solution according to our customer’s needs – starting with functional design and prototyping to designing the serial tools.

We design and produce automatic assembly lines.

Mold Flow analysis

Technical construction

Test and serial molds

Interaction of parts

3D samples on request


If you are interested in to get quotation you can contact us by email info@borminstav.cz



Bohunická 81, Brno 619 00, CZECH REPUBLIC

(Area of DRUTĚVA)

Tel: +420 778 018 019

E-mail: info@borminstav.cz

Director of company

Heřmánek Martin

Mob.: +420 778 018 019

E-mail: hermanek.martin@borminstav.cz

BORMIN STAV s. r. o. has established and applies a Quality Management System for plastic injection moulding, delivery and installation of plastics parts, CERTIFICATE ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016.